Carelor's Diary


People in Neverwinter

  • Naut Lunenborg
    Harper in the House of a Thousand Faces

  • Ungust Oates
    Knowledgeable about the Dead Rats, lives near Driftwood Tavern

  • Krombrek Baldrek (dead)
    Dead Rats leader

  • Toram
    Harper's shadow in Neverwinter

  • Sergeant Knox
    ? I think he is an minister of Neverember

  • Makos
    Tiefling, the right hand of Lord Neverember

  • Emil Pajić
    Friend of Selina Belabranta, disappeared for a week and is now very introverted


Portrait of Jarlaxle

  • Jarlaxle Baenre
    Drow we met in Belabrantas Tipsy Woodpecker, has some sort of 'Horcrux' with a demon inside

  • Gromph Baenre
    Archmage, at Hosttower

  • Alemu Mekbib



Map of Neverwinter

  • Protector's Enclave

    • Moonstone Mask
      Floating bar/restaurant where the noble of Neverwinter meet
    • Hall of Justice
      Important place for the Lord's Alliance
    • Starhouse Manor
      Extravagant house. Loriel has access to it.
    • Belabranta's Tipsy Woodpecker
      Bar run by my father Gylas Belabranta
    • Tarmalune Trade House
      Fancy trade house with expensive stuff
    • House of Knowledge
      Temple for some weird deity
  • Blacklake District

    • Vellgard Manor
      House of the Family of Vell, heavily protected
    • House of a Thousand Faces
      Bar but not actually a bar, met Naut Lunenborg
  • River District

    • Butcher Shop
      Ashmadai gave us a quest: who summons demons here? Same faction as Vell
    • Cloak Tower
      Now a ruin, but once a powerful mage tower
  • The Chasm
    It's ugly there I guess

Mount Hotenow

Place where Mageira is chained, tons of Dwarfs

  • Gauntlegrim
    Dwarf city near Mount Hotenow


Small village to the south of Neverwinter. We even have a house there!

Wave Echo Cave

The (now broken) Forge of Spell is inside the cave. We met the Black Spider in there.


  • Trouble in Blacklake District
    The Dead Rats are blackmailing people in the Blacklake District
    Find out where they hide and how to stop them.
    Questgiver: Naut Lunenborg

  • Imagine Dragons - "Demons"
    Someone is summoning demons in the Blacklake District. Find out who is responsible.
    Questgiver: Literally every single person in Neverwinter

Groups & Factions

  • Dead Rats of Luska
    Thief guild that causes problems in the Blacklake District

  • Wintershield watchers
    Basically the police of Neverwinter

  • Greycloaks
    The military in Neverwinter

  • Lord's Alliance
    Alliance of Lords along the Sword Coast

  • Bregan D'aerthe
    Drow group which Jarlaxle is part of